Are you wanting a more personalized approach to medicine and natural therapies? Whether you’re wanting to focus on weight loss, thyroid, gut health, blood pressure, or even mental wellness, Root Functional Medicine can create a customized wellness plan for you.

About Root Functional Medicinefunctional medicine

Root Functional Medicine was founded by Dr. Erica Armstrong, a practicing family medicine physician, and Kelsey Stricklen, an integrative and functional nutritionist. Both Dr. Armstrong and Kelsey are dedicated to providing answers with the most advanced care and prevention. Root Functional Medicine considers your unique genetic and biochemical make-up, microbiome, environment, lifestyle, and nutrition. You’ll feel empowered with the right information and they’ll support you on your journey to heal from the inside out. They offer both functional medicine and nutrition consultations with the option to combine the two in their recommended “Get to the Root” program. Discover all the options and programs available here.

My Experienceroot functional

The Root Functional Medicine office is located off Louis St right downtown Grand Rapids. The building is bright, airy, and refreshing. During my initial appointment with Dr. Armstrong, we thoroughly discussed my health concerns and goals. We also reviewed my medical history and determined what lab tests would be most beneficial. I was so impressed with the level of detail and more holistic approach. Dr. Armstrong is personable, attentive, and incredibly knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and helped me feel more confident in approach to preventative health.

After receiving my lab results, we scheduled my follow-up consultation to discuss a long-term plan. Dr. Armstrong reviewed my stress profile and cortisol awakening response, metabolic rate, stress markers, and nutritional profile. She also provided a portfolio with several pages of results and explained the data. It was so interesting to learn about my vitamin deficiencies and how to focus my supplement intake. Also, she sent me a personalized wellness profile with a recommended supplement schedule and protocols. I learned about what areas need attention and it no longer feels like a guessing game. Since incorporating Dr. Armstrong’s advice and supplement schedule into my daily routine, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels and mental clarity.

Group Program: Grounded and Nourishedfunctional medicine

If you’re new to Functional Medicine and not sure where to start, on February 6th, Root Functional Medicine is launching their first group program: Grounded and Nourished.  If you want meal plans, shopping lists, and a holistic wellness plan to get healthy, this 6-week program is for you! Here’s what to expect:

  • 6-weeks dedicated to establishing healthy roots and feeling great in 2019
  • Focus on prevention, weight loss, focus, energy, and digestive health
  • 3 in person one hour group visits lead by Dr. Erica Armstrong, Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm on Feb 6, Feb 20, and Mar 6
  • Learn a true functional medicine approach to wellness
  • Private Facebook group, with the ability to watch sessions if you cannot make it in person, and shared tips, ideas, and support
  • Food log app to be reviewed weekly by the Root Team with recommendations
  • Root customized food plan and shopping list
  • Work through your own functional medicine matrix with group support
  • Learn how to heal your gut
  • Option to purchase functional medicine adrenal health saliva test and hear tips to improve cortisol (stress) levels
  • Reduce inflammation, improve gut health, nutrition, and stress management which leads to a healthy weight

Learn to use functional medicine alongside group support to accomplish your health goals. Whether you are stuck in a weight plateau, want to improve digestive and gut health, or you just want to feel amazing, this group will help you get on track. The total cost of this pilot program is $249 which is an incredible deal considering all that’s included.  Sign up here to reserve your spot.

If you have additional questions about Root Functional Medicine or just want to learn more, head over to their website: or follow along on social media:@rootfunctionalmedicine.

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